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"My approach to career consulting is a holistic one. I believe that our careers are an integral part of our life, and cannot be addressed in isolation. As our careers need to fit our lives, I ask lots of questions that help me understand your hopes and dreams."

- Courtney Parks


Courtney is a human resources professional with a combined 8 years of experience in her field. She has spent her career serving organizations and its people in the area of human resources, business development, talent acquisition and talent branding. 


Courtney  received her Bachelors Degree in Communication Studies with a focus in Healthcare and Organizational Communication from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Courtney also received her Masters Degree in Business Administration with a focus in Healthcare Management from South University. 


Furthermore, Courtney is a high energy coaching strategist with a passion for helping people in their career journey! People are drawn in by Courtney’s charisma and transparency. Courtney has used her platform and passion to create Journey Career Consulting doing what she loves: Making contributions to both organizations and individuals in the areas of Career Consultation, Resume Writing,  Personal and Talent Branding, and Public Speaking!


As a career consultant and talent professional, Courtney  aims to provide inspiration to a variety of audiences. She strives to make every career and personal journey a memorable experience! 

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